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Ever wonder what it takes to play effective and stylistically appropriate guitar accompaniment to old-time fiddle tunes? Curious how old-time fiddle backup differs from playing bluegrass rhythm guitar? What can you do to make your accompaniment part more interesting than just strumming chords? This workshop with old-time musician, guitar style expert, and musicologist Greg Reish will explore the rich world of old-time guitar accompaniment. Topics covered will include chord choices, creating interesting bass lines, rhythmic feel, and right hand technique. We will listen to a few source recordings, but spend most of the time playing music. Fiddler Matt Brown will be on hand to provide the fiddle melodies. Recording devices are encouraged.


This workshop is a perfect compliment to seeing Matt Brown & Greg Reish on Friday, January 22 at 8pm in Swallow Hill Music's Tuft Theater!


The music will be geared toward intermediate players, but beginners are welcome to listen, watch, and participate, as are advanced guitarists new to the old-time style.

Jan 23, 2016

Boulder, CO

House Concert: Matt Brown & Greg Reish

Information coming soon.


A solo concert of old-time music, featuring ballads, folk songs, blues, fiddle tunes, rags, as well as stories. Free admission!

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